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Tap to create an event and drag to adjust the time and duration. Add, rename, and delete calendars directly from your device. And view event attachments without leaving the Calendar app. Post a profile picture. Meet your match with new friend recommendations based on the games you play and the players you already know. Discover new games without leaving Game Center. And size up an opponent on the spot with new overall achievement scores.

Every time you connect your iOS device to a power source say, overnight for charging , it automatically syncs and backs up any new content to iTunes. So you always have your movies, TV shows, home videos, and photo albums everywhere you want them. Wow your audience in the board room, classroom, or living room.

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Publicado em Apple. Your iPhone 3gs is fixed and ready to go. Watch my other video on how to jailbreak it untethered!!! Publicado em iPhone. Follow few simple steps and you will fix this error 1. Foi o que fizemos: colocamos esta amostra do sistema em um de nossos PCs para mostrar o que o Windows 8 tem a oferecer. Vamos dar uma volta? Depois de instalado, o sistema consumiu apenas 8 GB. Vale notar que alguns aplicativos, como o Internet Explorer 10, tem duas interfaces diferentes, dependendo de como foram chamados.

O boot levou apenas 35 segundos. A estabilidade variou ao longo do uso. Em um momento vimos a interface inteira desaparecer por alguns minutos, deixando em seu lugar apenas uma tela verde e a setinha do mouse. Entre eles aplicativos como o cliente de e-mail, com uma interface similar ao cliente usado no Windows Phone 7. Update: iPhone 4 users who rely on a carrier unlock must check out our iOS 4.

Apple has unexpectedly pushed out an incremental update for iOS 4. This minor release is no more than a security update, aiming to patch issues with certificate verification. The good news is that we have tested it and can confirm that the current version of Redsn0w can jailbreak the just released iOS 4. But it will be limited to tethered boot, which means you will have to reconnect your device to your computer every time you reboot your iOS device. Also make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes, which is version Refer to the screenshot below:.

Once done, click Next.

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Follow the onscreen instructions and then click Next to continue. The combination is usually like this:. Sitting idle and waiting for the process to end on its own is much advised. Since this is a tethered jailbreak, therefore whenever your iOS device loses power, it will go into the dreaded Apple logo boot screen loop.

And yes, you will have to do this every time when your device reboots or loses power. Just when you thought it was safe to buy a new Apple product. It would likely be more of an internal refresh of existing designs. Wondering what new Sandy Bridge chips may find their way into new inch and inch Pros? The quad-core Sandy Bridge models at the top are the newest. Pricing for the new MacBook Pros is the same as the models they would be replacing, 9to5Mac says. For example, a new Home Windows Mac iPhone About.

I downloaded the x86 version of the M3 build build No: from Microsoft Connect site, which is 2. The x64 version is around 3. Apple iOS5 Out Notification Center. No more interruptions Notifications appear at the top of your screen and disappear quickly. Start here, finish there Begin a conversation on one iOS device and pick it up on another.

All the news Newsstand keeps your subscriptions in one place. Make a list Reminders appear in a clean, ordered list. Single sign-on Sign in once and tweet as you go. Access from Lock screen Open the Camera app with one tap. Shutter button Press the volume-up button to take a picture. Edit onscreen Tap to enhance your photo or remove red-eye. Reading List Tap to save a page to read later. PC Free. Game Center. Wi-Fi Sync. Multitasking Gestures for iPad 2. AirPlay Mirroring. Some applications are not available in all areas.

Application availability is subject to change. Game Center works with apps that have been developed to work with the Game Center service. AirPlay is compatible only with the second-generation Apple T. Windows 8 Out O Internet Explorer 10 tem duas interfaces. Redsn0w Can Jailbreak iOS 4. How to Jailbreak iOS 4. Alejandro Uballe Montoya. Consulting and support. Design and implementation of networks.

High density PTP wireless links. Erwin Kaatz. Asistencia in-situ y remota. Ramon Ruben Quintana Santa Cruz. Edgar Ayala. Rodrigo Fernando Ortiz Romero. Raphael De Almeida Pontara. Ronald Huayta Choque. Igor Aguiar Oliveira. Gumer Edwin Rojas Valero. Denilson Pereira Da Silva. Yony Richard Montoya Burgos. Emilio B. Sandoval Paez. Diego Heriberthe Ladeia Trettel. Athila Peglow. Marcel F M Sampaio. David William Fontes. Mikrotik Consultant, with a focus on quality in the design and operation of networks that demand technologies in a convergence environment, with experience in industrial, food, governmental, hospital, and other companies.

Jose Pimentel. Jeffrey De Souza Barbosa. Ernesto W. Flores Villarroel. Luis Antonio Tejada Abreu. Hotspot con Radius en Hospitality con alta concurrencia. Juan Guerrero. Fail over, Disaster Recovery, Backup.

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Diego Andre Murillo Centurion. Pre sales and technical architect with more than 6 years of experience delivering robust and scalable IT solutions. Romerito Brandao. S Asistencia remota y configuraciones avanzadas. Fernando Garcia. Jayron Alberth Costa Castro.

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Lisander Taveras. Queueing, Load Balancing, Failover and Other advanced configurations. Hector Oyarzo. Clebson Ribeiro Dos Santos. Projetos de FTTx. Jorge Del Giudice. Scripting, Web Developer. Andres Gregori. Wellington Ouchi MUM. Aldo Jimenez MUM. Angel Hernando MUM. Knowledge on TV transmission over optic fiber.

Alexis Giammarino MUM. Traffic control and bandwidth, QOS. VoIP Load balancers with failover. Advanced firewall security. Assistance support to companies and ISP. Integration with other brands and other advanced configurations. Pedro Alejandro Toribio P. Especialista en Conectividad y Seguridad en Redes y Telecomunicaciones.

Skype: ptoribiop. Wired and Wireless Network administration experience. Hotspot custom designs with extern server controller with Mikrotik API. Alfonso Sanchez MUM. Felipe Nogueira Oliva. Willkes Pontarollo MUM. Luiz Claudio Martins Maia. Networking especialist. Carlos Rodrigo Donoso Estrada. Samuel Cornu. Ray Evelyn. Fernando Fleck. Bryan Zayas. Routing, Networking. IT Support. Twenty five 25 years of experience in Computer Systems and Information Technology, over fifteen 15 years in manufacturing industry, ten 10 years in the Pharmaceutical regulated industry, over ten 10 years of project and IT management, and over four 4 years in the Health Industry.

Joel Alexis Zaiter Vargas. Edgardo Rodriguez. Network manager, advanced degree with plenty of experience in large networks. Design, implement, throubleshoot and monitor infraestructure. Firewall and Security, and much more! Available for Remote support. Fernando Rivas. Pompe Jorge Omar. Mauricio Armando Piedrola Ramirez. Helio Do Nascimento Cunha Neto.

Gustavo Marx. Angel Guillermo Riveros Medina. Omar Kojovich. Assistance remote support, Spanish, Portuguese and English. Edward Freitas Santos. Max Oliveira Da Silva. Jorge Antonio Daza Arredondo. Professional design for ISP networks, consultant, support and monitoring, load balance, QoS, bandwidth control, network routing dinamic and static. Wesley Waceliski. Ivan Remberto Zurita Orellana. IPv4, IPv6. Freddy Alfonso Beltran Miranda. Inaldo Garcia. Gianni Gasperin. Experience in static routing, dynamic routing, wireless 2. Support and installation for WISP, large, medium and small companies.

Bruno De Brida. Technology enthusiastic person who seeks for new challenges. I like to study and put in practice everything I learn. Simplicity is my best friend. Fluent in Portuguese, English and proficient in Spanish. Experience includes, but is not limited to the following: -Product development from the hardware to the firmware; -Network Infrastructure analysis and management; -Electronic and IT projects dimension and definition; -IT Server Solution Architect; -Advanced knowledge in Infrastructure Monitoring, Asterisk, Dell servers, Networking and Electronic design.

Interested in learning Japanese and sharing knowledge throughout the world! Rafael Wesley Meneses Maia. Francisco Nilson De Araujo Souza. Luciano De Araujo Batista. Rodrigo Carvallo Croskey. Guilherme Soares Gomes. Systems developer. Mauricio Peclat Lopes Da Silva. Andy Alvaro Saavedra Guevara. Breno Bilhar Coutinho. Roger Lopes. Franklin De Oliveira Araujo. Francisco Tiago Benedito Silva.

Gustavo Roberto De Souza. Fabio Moretti. Guilherme Cagliari Prancutti. Luiz Almeida. Rafael De Oliveira Froes. Danilo Costa Luiz. Aiman Amin. Gabriela Belen Gimenez Benitez. Rafael Da Silva Ribeiro. Darwin Mireles. Edson Paris. Petuel Placide. Joao Fernando Nogueira Campos. Guido Gabriel Bogado Esquivel. Phelippe Augusto De Souza.

Rafael Alves Morais. Vanderson Da Silva Cabral. Jonny Marschner. Mateus Bohnenberger. Victor Hugo Achocalla Romero. Isac Haran De Almeida. Miguel A. La Paz. Rodrigo Charlone. Felipe Duellis Padilha. Bruno Viviani. Michell H. Arria A. SNMP supervision and implementation of a real-time monitoring system. Advanced programming of scripts for automation.

High availability solutions VRRP. Remote assistance and other advanced configurations. Anderson Kovalski. Jose Armando Machuca Cruzado. Edi Carlos Alves Costa. Daniel Gustavo Redua. Gabriel Rezende Oliveira. Ruan Teixeira. Melvin Jesus Castillo Alcantara. Raphael Rodrigues R. Xavier Antonio Balderrama B. Kendry Leite Goncalves. Joan Jordi Bou.

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Marco Olmos. Mauricio Almeida De Oliveira. Engenheiro de Redes Mikrotik. Jean Carlos Da Rosa Kunsler. Francisco Junior Martini. Thiago Muniz Dos Santos. English and Portuguese Support available. Vitor Danrley Martins Sobrinho. Francisco Chacon Segura. Thales Moises De Andrade Santana. Fernando Fortunato Dal Bem Junior. Network designs, Implementation, Analysis and Troubleshooting. Jhonatas Carlos Ribas Dos Santos. Redes corporativas e Provedores de Acesso.

Leonardo Alves Parreira. Cadmiel Abner Moras. Carlos Garcia. System Engineer, Telecomunications Engineer. Anderson Francolle Carneiro. Eduardo Da Costa Pereira. Jose Raul Contreras M. Tanner Moreno. Specialist in design and implementations of data networks, under Mikrotik architecture. Bandwidth management, content control, QoS, integration with Radius services, monitoring and resolution of complex problems. Gabriel Moises Adorno Moran. Rafael Marques De Moura. Cristian Marcelo Javier Albarez Isla. Wired and wireless networks, point to point, point multipoint and mesh networks.

Design, survey and implementation. Analysis, improvements and problem solving. Jeferson Dias Vargas. Ihago Oliveira Ramos. Jorge Fernando Matsudo Iwano. Monitoring network with the dude. Alciomar Belo. Consulting, training and qualification applied to the reality of companies. Mitchell Peixer. PPPOE sessions load balance and failover. Vlan, switching, layer 2 transport and redundancy, network design, architecture for enterprises. Reynaldo Ganascim Neto. Yeicol Jimenez Moya. Manuel Sosa Cardozo.

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Jaci Ferreira Alves. Leonardo Melegassi Costa. Bismark Pantaleon Leonardo. Luis Henrique Moro Da Rocha. Ericson Miralha Do Nascimento. Darwuil Acosta. Jhosmar Leal. Paulo Humberto De Morais. Jose Guzman. Ariel Barcella. Alcides Pereira Da Mata Neto. Lucas Gabriel Borges Lima. Volnei Tapia De Avila. Renato Aparecido Bueno. Leandro Costa Silva. Jeff Castro. Wisner Ferreira Netto Junior. Elizandro Pacheco. Marciano Machado Priebe. Jose R. Carlos Fernando Botejara. WISP administration experience.

Itamor Carlomagno De Jesus Junior. Nilson De Andrade Pessim. Omar Sergio Gordillo Rojas. Experienced in networks: troubleshoot, design, tunneling, QoS, traffic managment, monitoring, manager of a wisp distribution, monitoring, design, for over 5 years and across 5 states in mexico.

Philipe Lima De Avelar. Carlos Henrique Simoes. Evandro Loiola De Amorim. Karlheinz Niebuhr. Oscar Israel Castro Urcid. Sergio Felipe Urra Duarte. Lucas Elias Freiberger.

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Large experience in networking especially firewall and monitoring and linux, many years working as consultant and networking engineer. Victor Hugo Do Nascimento Celeste. Oscar De La Cruz P. Alexis Biderbost MUM. Sergio Souza. Diego Manuel Mayan. Carlos A. Rosario Cruz. Reciba entrenamiento personal por un Instructor Certificado. Yuri Freitas Gomes Santos. Celestino Erik Suarez Mamani. Martin Baute.

Leonardo Sandoval comtic. Eduardo Del Valle. Leopoldo Meireles. Cesar David Araujo Ferrer. Jose Pablo Fernandez Zamora. Rolando Llanovarced Arispe. Leonardo Lauenstein. Tomas Yepez Moreira. Victor Santacruz. Rogerio Araujo Soares. Igor Ten Caten Zatti. Geraldo Teodoro. Pablo Lluviera. Alfonso Urbina. Wellington Prado MUM. Daniel Chacon M. Firewall, VPN. Jerson Males MUM. Vinicius Roscete MUM. David Grillo MUM. Erwin Rocha Gonzales. Cleberson De Paula Canuto. Miguel Agustin Ramirez Boichuk. Pedro Ribeiro De Andrade. Gustavo Nunes Teixeira. Silvio Javier Salazar Arteaga. Herbano Andrusyszyn Teixeira Mendes.

Especialista em Engenharia de Software. Rene Mendoza. Vitor Pereira Rodrigues. Jose Maria Esparza Perez. Helbert Tavares Miranda De Lima. Franco Johan Gampel. Gustavo Joel Miguel Rojas. Antonio De Jesus Zamora Herrera. Josue Alejandro Zelaya Madrid. Andre Felipe Marques Da Silva. Vitor Alan Bauer. Luiz Felipe Quadros. Felix Asael Zamudio Savinon. Pablo Company. Matheus Duarte Das Neves. Arthur Bezerra Calado. Carlos Alberto Rivero. Matteo Pettinaroli. Jefrin Suarez.

Bandwidth Management. On-site and Remote Support. David Nicolas Vega. Eduardo Ferreira Dos Santos. Hernane Augusto. Bladimir Reynaldo Rojas Vallejos. Jesse Gingold. Bruno Di Francescantonio. Miguel Carrales Cantu. Diego Trindade Gimenez Amor. Luis Humberto Uribe Aranda. Zanclair Ferrari Junior. Elmer Espinoza Barba. Gilberto Manuel Vera Camas. Guilherme Wille Acosta. Jorge Bocciarelli. Shun Shing Wong. Alcidemir Dantas De Souto. Luis Gustavo Romero. Judicael Ribeiro De Santana Junior. Gustavo Ferraz Silveira. Guillermo Moguel Mandujano.

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  4. Lucas Ezequiel Ibarra. Analysis, design, implementation and support of wired and wireless networks. Tunneling and VPN. Implementation of next generation networks using hierarchical and convergent networks infrastructures. Vanderson Fonseca Araujo. Jose Manuel Blanco Pino. Fernando Brenner. Christian Araujo. Richard Alexander Flores Martinez. Luiz Henrique Broch Lago. Sofia Evelyn Diaz Valinotti. Hartur Antunes De Oliveira Nascimento. Wander Rudi Knoblauch. Igor Fernando Pianovski. Luis Santos De Azevedo. Analista, Consultor, Instrutor de TI.

    Willian Silveira Flores. Christopher Newton Echeverria Merchan. Lucas Romero. Axel Donaldo Morales Muralles. Alejandro Gordon MUM. Jaime Felipe Vela Moscoso. Trevor Damster MUM. Michael Omondi. Taha Fawaz. Jacob Jeriya Emmanuel Toupe. Tokunbo Omolokun MUM. Bamidele Richard Amire. IPv6 deployment. Mohamad Siblini. Mina Sergius MUM. Mohammed Bizzan. Otobong Effiong Akam.

    Collins Chinedu Forum. Brent Kruger. David Wangombe Maina. Onwo Lewis C. Foumbi Gabriel Noel. Thierry Koutang MUM. Magnus Ezugu. Bandwidth and QoS Management. Adade Folly Holali. Valentine Chahul. John Yuogan. Syrex provides a host of remote and on-site technologies that when combined create an effective ICT environment for all client specific requirements. Security platforms, managed services and outsourcing designed and tailored to ensure maximum uptime and productivity for our clients.

    Ryan Gibson. I have over 6 years of Mikrotik implementation experience in a wide variety of use cases Home, SOHO, SME to large enterprises including ISP and high-sites I'm well versed in hardware scoping and network planning and the successful implementation thereof. A true one-stop-shop for any Mikrotik IT environment. Based in Garsfontein, Pretoria and willing to travel. Mugaragu Timothee. Victor Oyetola. Abdulwasiu Idris Ogungbola. Silvio Mhula. Philbert Mrema. Isaak Toviessi. Abure Emmanuel Ehikioya. Hudson Saydi Imuenjay Kattieh. I have Solution oriented and Quality-focused Professional experience related to IT network infrastructure designing, implementation and deployment.

    I am Experience in planning, testing, implementing, configuring, troubleshooting and administrating of network, servers and operating systems. Fauad Nureddin. Moubeke A Abira Ghyslain Valmy.

    Pieter Piek. Good day, I'm a Mikrotik Enthusiast and work with these on a daily basis. If you have interesting problems I can endeavour to assist. Keuambou F. Simon Ruigi. Guedehoussou Ayite Mawule. Remote and OnSite Support. Available for Togo and world wide. Bakenon Karim Kone. Emanuel Ludovick. Ambrose Ahurra. Support Engineer Simplifi Networks. Ibikunle Akim Yannick. IT Software and Network Engineer.

    Olaposi Olaniyi. Duncan Isaac Mwangi. John Kiruri. Derrick Ssemanda. Kemiki Adetayo David. Tebiwo Jean Marie. Adriano Zabbia. Aderonmu Johnson Olukayode. Essien Unwana. Judicael Magloire Congo. Oluwatosin Oyelese. Kodjo Patrice Tossavi. Ekisa Conrad. Graduate Research Assistant at netLabs! Sthembiso Dlamini. Touch IT Networks provide consultancy for companies from start-ups to corporates, government, Internet Service Providers, mobile operators and carrier operators.

    Our consultants do network design, implementation and troubleshooting with vast knowledge and experience in networking and wireless systems. A qualified telecoms engineer. Solutions design include: VLAN Kasongo Mukulu. Abdoul Kadri Bouare. Helinimore Gosa. Augustine Otohut Okprike. Low power electronics: cctv camera and access control devices. Hamady Soumare. Francois Joubert. Nkwedja Lakoudji Ulrick. I'm proud to share my experience using Mikrotik.

    Available to exchange on any topic : Firewall, Hotspot, Proxy, Queues , etc. Adam Gweleg. Daniel Fiati Gaveh. Chartered Engineer CEng with over 30 years experience in the networking and telecommunications sector across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Involved in 3rd level education in the fields of networking, telecommunications and Information Security. Sadick Appiah. Sadap Technologies is one of the leading MikroTik consulting firms in Ghana. Ibrahim Alh Mohammed. Nyasha Archford Muzwidziwa. Foluso Israel Taiwo. Chukwudi Theodore Onije. Oghrigha Isaiah Lucky.

    Omolewa Olagoke. Matthew Lubbe. Olaoluwa Paul Adebayo. Samir Parvaiz Virani. Karim Abakar. Patrick H. Oseni Abiola. Ssemakula Frank. Vincent Gitobu. Nyango Caleb Bulus.