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Remover hiperlinks um a um com o recurso Remover hiperlink Remova todos os hiperlinks usando atalhos Remova todos os hiperlinks no documento atual com o VBA Remova todos os hiperlinks em todos os documentos do Word de abertura com o VBA Remova todos os hiperlinks com o Kutools for Word Parar de adicionar automaticamente o hiperlink ao texto no Word. VBA 1: Remover todos os hiperlinks do documento atual Sub KillTheHyperlinks ' ' Removes all hyperlinks from the document: ' Text to display is left intact ' With ThisDocument ' Loop while there are hyperlinks afoot! Hyperlinks 1. Ver captura de tela: 2.

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Loading comment The comment will be refreshed after To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished. I used the vba code to remove all hyperlinks in my current file.

Edit the Active Cell in Excel for Mac

It worked like a charm! But is there a way to save code to my personal macro file and use for any file I need to remove all hyperlinks [only for current file, not all opening files]? Reply Share. Solved my problems, thanks for the code.

30 Teclas de Atalho Que Pouparão Muito do Seu Tempo

I added some exceptions into the code as some hyperlinks are reused everytime. Please refer to menu items also. Thank you! You have to press command instead of control. Is there any way to convert that module to a macro? Every time i am using it screen goes off. Thank you SOOO much! This really worked!

What if your computer doesn't have an F9 key? Thank you. It works. Manually removing the hyperlink is a pain. Thanks a lot! You save me hours of stupid work.

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KB Parallels: Unable to use Function keys in Windows virtual machine

Excellent, and elegant solution even for a luddite like me. I have copied and paste it into a module. I think the code line "For Each doc In Application. Documents" is not working properly.

F2 in Excel for Mac

Please help. I used to use cont-shift f9, but it stopped working. Method 1. Press the Control key. Press and hold the Control Ctrl key while you click the mouse button. This is identical to right-clicking with a 2-button mouse. You may release the Control key after clicking. This method works for a 1-button mouse or MacBook trackpad, or with the built-in button on the standalone Apple Trackpad.

Choose your desired menu item. When you Control-click, the appropriate contextual menu will appear. The example below is a contextual menu in the Firefox browser. Method 2. Open your Trackpad preferences. Under the Apple menu, click System Preferences , then click Trackpad. In that window, enable the Secondary click checkbox, and from the menu, select Click or tap with two fingers. You will see a short video example of the proper way to click. Test it out.

Go to the Finder , and as shown in the video, place 2 fingers on the trackpad. A contextual menu should appear. Method 3. Open your Trackpad preferences as described above. In that window, enable the Secondary click checkbox, and from the menu, select Click in bottom right corner.

Note: you may alternately choose the bottom left corner if you prefer. Go to the Finder , and as shown in the video, press one finger on the bottom right of the trackpad.

Edit the Active Cell in Excel for Mac

Method 4. Buy a separate mouse. Mac makes its own mouse for this - the Magic Mouse and its predecessor the Mighty Mouse , which doesn't appear to have two buttons, but can be programmed so that the right-hand side responds like a second button. If you don't want to buy a Mac mouse, any two button mouse can be programmed to work with a right click on a Mac.

Connect your mouse. This is often as simple as plugging in the USB dongle and using it right away, but if your mouse is more complicated, follow the directions it came with. Enable your right-click if needed. Any mouse with two built-in buttons should just work right away. You'll be able to right-click, as you otherwise would on another computer.

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However, a Mac-specific mouse like a Magic Mouse might need the settings adjusted to enable this. Under the Apple menu, click " System Preferences " and then " Mouse ". Change the setting to enable " Enable Secondary Click ". After doing this, you'll be able to click the right-hand side of the mouse, like a regular right-click button.